Psychological Assessments

Better understand your cognitive, academic and socio-emotional profile so that you can build upon your strengths, access supports and remediate your weaknesses.‬

What is a psychological assessment and why would I get one?

A psychological assessment is an important first step in the development of a treatment plan. It identifies all of the relevant pieces of a person’s experience, and helps to fit them together into a coherent story. A psychological assessment includes:

  • Review of relevant health and medical history,
  • Review of background and social history
  • Factors contributing to the development and onset of symptoms
  • Review of current and ongoing symptoms and difficulties
  • Understanding of functional impairments as a result of symptoms and difficulties
  • Identification of treatment goals
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The informaiton collected as part of a psychological assessment is obtained by:

  • Reviewing existing health or medical records
  • Completion of psychometric testing (i.e., validated self-report questionnaires and symptom inventories)
  • Conducting detailed clinical interviews (with individual clients, parents, caregivers, or other involved individuals)


The outcome of a psychological assessment may be the preparation of a report. This document summarizes the information collected as part of the assessment process, and communicates a conceptualization of how the puzzle pieces fit together. This may include the communication of diagnoses of current and ongoing mental health difficulties, and a description of recommended treatments and/or supports. Assessment reports can be shared with individual clients or involved caregivers (e.g., parents), other health care providers (e.g., family doctors), with the client’s informed consent.


Psychological assessments are sometimes requested in the workplace or disability contexts. In such cases, third party insurance companies (e.g., private insurance company; WSIB) may request that individuals undergo a psychological assessment to determine a worker’s safety and ability to continue working in a safe manner, or to adjudicate a short or long-term disability claim. The completion of a psychological assessment may be a necessary step in the process to access financial or healthcare benefits.


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